We are PRO dialog in families

Parenting does not end with divorce or separation. Children need their mom and dad ... and the extended family.

Our approach is based on dialogue, reconciliation and equilibration.

We believe that every child needs:

To live and be raised by both of their parents. Children have the right to grow into a personality who can build open and fulfilling relationships with people and finds his place in the world without fear.

It was established in 2012

We work with the families that have broken up. The conflict between parents continues and whose children are on the agenda of the social and legal protection of children.

  • We provide restorative care in families that experience violence in close relationships or committing crimes.
  • We focus on protecting the rights and interests of children and restoring impaired family functions.

We work with all family members

We assume that the best interest of the child of separated partners is that his parents be able to agree and continue to take care of the child together. We provide families with professional counseling, facilitated (assisted) contacts, restorative mediation and community formats. We offer a wide portfolio of support activities to parents who are going through a difficult period of disputes and conflicts (typically during a breakup).

We have SPOD credentials

Thanks to the so-called SPOD authorization, families who work with us on the basis of an OSPOD recommendation or a court decision can draw on our activities for FREE. For many families, this is a significant help in their current life and financial situation and they often ask about it.

We cooperate with organizations in the field of social services

We cooperate with state organizations and institutions, with the bodies of the social and legal protection of children (OSPOD), with the Office for International Legal Protection of Children (UMPOD), with local self-government bodies, with civic initiatives and other non-profit associations. If children from the families we work with our clients of other facilities, we also cooperate with these facilities on an ongoing basis.

We provide activities with nationwide (nationwide) scope

Applicants from all over Prague can apply for our direct support (as well as families from other cities, if the child falls under one of the Prague OSPODs). Upon agreement, we can provide educational activities throughout the Czech Republic. Part of our workplace in Malířská Street is a fully equipped game room for Facilitated (Assisted) contacts as well as a space for consultations, supportive self-experience groups or for organizing workshops and seminars.

Areas of our interest are care and communication in the family

Our areas of interest are primarily: Caring for a family with children, working with the family, foster care, a child in a foster family, communication in a foster family, single-parent family, divorce and divorce situations, changing roles in the family, households where not everyone is with everyone biologically related, domestic violence, the impact of domestic or partner violence on the development of children, communication with children, meeting the needs of children, the influence of religion or belonging to churches or ideological communities on the family climate, partnerships and child care.